Live in Jakarta

San Jose heavy hardcore unit Sunami will be playing in Jakarta on September 29th, so for once in your life, make the right decision and buy the tickets! 

Pre-sale tickets are going very fast! Get yours now!

We are siked to announce that YK punk rock unit Cold Dealin is now part of our family! Debut single will be up soon on all your favorite platforms!

A quartet emerged in early 2023. Started with crafting and crunching sounds that pushes a level of aggression and destruction of Hardcore/Grind. COLDSKIN is an assemble of current and former members from various bands, Praditya Eka Putra (Limerence), Dennis Mandalyca (Outrage & Displacement) Ghani Noorputrawan (Asia Minor), Yoel Hutapea (Displacement). Read more…

Coldskin debut ep is out now!


For those unfamiliar with this exceptional band, Time X Heist is a Denver-based straight-edge hardcore crew, and The Odds Against Tomorrow is their debut cassette EP.  

The Odds Against Tomorrow consists of six in-your-face straight edge hardcore compositions. Believe me, these guys are not joking around with their music. As soon as you put this tape in your deck, you’ll be blown away by the speed and power bursting from every track. Time X Heist could easily pair those renowned youth crew bands, and they implemented many exceptional ideas into these songs that maybe sound even better than all those well-known youth crew anthems. I know many of our readers like comparisons with other acts, so Time X Heist comes close to something Floorpunch, Shutdown, Battery, Mainstrike, and Change would eventually record. However, The Odds Against Tomorrow sounds so fresh and unique, and it is probably one of the best youth crew hardcore tapes you’ll hear this year. -thoughtswordsaction

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